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The Greater Simonsberg Conservancy      T: 079 276 36 38      F: 086 6613746      E-mail: conservancy@delvera.co.za



Fire Management Plan
The GSC is in the process of compiling a Fire Management Plan for the members and there is a Fire Committee appointed which is responsible for management thereof.

Fire reporting procedures are in place to ensure effective control and protection if a fire does break out. Relationship building between Cape Nature and CDWM Fire Dept. has assisted in better co-ordination of efforts. Fire breaks were prepared through Cape Nature against the mountain February 2012 and controlled back burning can more easily occur as a result of this. The Conservancy is also part of the Stellenbosch Fire Protection Association (SFPA). The SFPA will form the umbrella body for all fire issues in Stellenbosch.  

Alien ClearingMost members of the GSC are very actively involved in alien clearing initiatives on their farms. The GSC tries to help members as far as possible to get funding and herbicides, since alien clearing is a very expensive exercise. The conservancy has received herbicide from the Department of Water Affairs (Working for Water) to assist our members. The conservancy was also granted funding from Landcare, to further assist members in covering labor cost of alien clearing. The conservation officer together with an environmental specialist identified priority farms within the Conservancy with light alien vegetation infestation, where assistance will be provided. Currently approx.

478 Ha of Conservancy land has been cleared of alien vegetation since 2009 until Dec 2012. This works out to just over 30% of the area under conservation.


Skills Development – The GSC tries to develop the skill and knowledge of the people working on the farms within the Conservancy as well as people outside of the Conservancy. Training courses that have been held thus far were: Chainsaw course, Snake management course, Alien Plant Identification course and Fire Training courses.    

Environmental Education –The GSC believes in the principal of the kids being the next generation and we thus invite children and schools in the area to be involved in activities that are run by the Conservancy. The conservancy has previously organized Junior Landcare camps through funding by Landcare. We are currently developing an Environmental Education Centre on Delvera, which will be open to schools and the public from early June 2012. The EE Centre will be focusing activities based on environmental weeks throughout the year.

Rehabilitation The GSC is planning to develop rehabilitation projects, as there is a great need to restore our endangered natural Renosterveld and Fynbos in the areas that have been cleared of alien vegetation. There are propagation facilities on Delvera property and we hope to involve the community in this process. 


Owl Boxes - In 2009 the Wildlife Education Conservation assisted in putting up owl boxes on some Conservancy farms. We have seen some success in the owl boxes helping in provide safe breeding space for the owls.

Owl boxes are available to purchase to the public on request.



Outdoor activities within the GSC include hiking and mountain biking routes organized through DIRTROPIA (Tel: +27 21 884 4752), horse riding trails Equine Sport Centre (Tel: +2782 463 3139

For further information, please contact the Conservation Officer or see the Home page for more activities.



The following Environmental Weeks will be used as a structure in co-ordination of activities for school learners (this program will commence towards the end of 2012 – Arbour week).



Opening hours:

The SEE Centre will
be open to the public:

Monday – Friday:
by appointment

Saturday – Sunday:
11:00 – 15:00

Entrance free of charge
School groups to be pre-arranged/booked in advance

Situated at Delvera.
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Contact details:

Contact person:
Georgina Thomas (Manager)
conservancy@delvera.co.za or 079 276 3638
(booking of school groups)


The Simonsberg Environmental Education Centre

The SEE Centre was developed out of the vision of the GSC acting as a NPO and public benefit organisation, whereby the benefits to the community are accrued through environmental education, skills training and job creation. The SEE Centre will be an asset to the community of Stellenbosch, whereby a myriad of fun activities for school children focusing on key environmental weeks, together with interactive displays, resources and information will be accessible to the public free of charge.

Functions of the SEE Centre:

The functions of the SEE Centre are as follows:
1. Schools program: Environmental Education Activities (based on enviro-weeks);
2. Public Environmental Awareness;
3. Skills training;
4. Sales of Eco-products and
5. Office of the GSC.

The location of the SEE Centre is strategically situated at Delvera within the Conservancy, as a base for co-ordination and management of the Greater Simonsberg Conservancy and realization of their vision and aims. 

Displays and Activities

A dimension of the SEE Centre will involve permanent Environmental Education displays set up in themed stalls. There will also be periodical exhibitions on display to school groups and the general public. The themes will be developed as follows: